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We operate modern ultrasound scanners at all our main centres to assist in the diagnosis of illnesses in pets. Ultrasound is very useful in determining heart function and is also used to examine organs in the abdomen such as the liver and kidneys. It can also be used to guide needles into internal organs so that tissue samples can be obtained for laboratory analysis.

What exactly is an ultrasound?

An ultrasound is a sound wave with a frequency beyond the upper reaches of our hearing. When applied as a diagnostic tool, it allows us to see subcutaneous (under the skin) body structures in an animal.

This has become a technique of daily use at Medivet which has greatly benefited our patients by providing an accurate and non-invasive means of looking at the internal organs of the body.

Ultrasounds are frequently performed on conscious pets, although we may need to sedate them should they prove uncooperative!

Many of our vets are skilled in the use of ultrasound and will often provide assistance to other vets in the group and also deliver training.