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Welcome to Vet Blood Supplies

Vet Blood Supplies is a not-for-profit organisation based in Watford, Hertfordshire. We supply life-saving blood prodcuts to veterinary practices in the South East of England. Our dedicated team of vets, nurses and assistants travel by specially-designed mobile blood collection vehicles to the retired greyhound rehoming centres where the dogs donate blood. This blood is used in our Medivet branches and also across the country to help save the lives of very poorly dogs. We travel as far as 2-3 hours away every week to collect from the greyhounds and then the blood is processed in our blood van and also back at our blood bank in Watford.

The welfare of our donors

The health and welfare of our donors is our utmost priority. We travel to the donors in order to collect blood in the comfort of their familiar environment. We check and assess each dog to make sure they are fit for donation and registration programme before being able to donate. The dogs are happy to donate as they get lots of cuddles and treats afterwards!

Our service depends on the generosity of the greyhounds and their carers. In return, we supply them with full health checks by a veterinary surgeon, blood tests, vaccinations and flea & worming treatment. 

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For more information please contact Denise Turner or Leah Jackson (Blood Bank Managers)

Call: 01923 470 001