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Why use Vet blood supplies? 

• Improve your emergency medicine and incorporate blood transfusion medicine into your practice, thereby improving the care offered to your patients.

• Time is vital when saving lives…no need to find a donor, collect the blood, screen it or process it …our blood is readily available, typed and screened.

• Our delivery is via a reliable medical courier and not by postal delivery. Therefore the quality of the product is preserved. It will reach you before deterioration or before it has defrosted.

• The majority of our donors are retired greyhounds. We monitor the health of the donors and provide worming, flea control as well as vaccinations.

• We guarantee every donor has passed the donor registration process. This means all dogs are examined by a veterinary surgeon and are blood typed and screened for biochemistry and haematology values by our external laboratory.

• Blood is collected, processed and stored immediately in our blood collection vehicle to provide high quality blood products.

• The donors are not transported to give blood. It is taken in the comfort of their own environment.

• We have our VMD license to collect, process, store and dispatch blood. We supply only the best blood products by operating to the highest standards with VMD inspected and approved quality control systems.

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For more information please contact Denise Turner or Leah Jackson (Blood Bank Managers)

Call: 01923 470 001