Pet Ambulance Service

The Medivet fleet of pet ambulances are key to providing 24-hour care to our patients.

We invest heavily each year to transport critical care patients by ambulance to our 24-hour vet centres. There is always a vet and nurse in attendance – often this can mean the difference between life and death!

You wouldn’t leave your pets alone if they needed care and neither would we. At all our Medivet practices, seriously ill animals are monitored closely during the day and night.

Our vet ambulance service can also be used to transport your pet from your home to our practices and back again. This can depend on the circumstances and the distance to your closest practice.

Please note, if all our pet ambulances are in use or you have severe financial constraints, alternatives such as pet taxis are also available. Whatever the circumstances, please feel free to contact us if you require our assistance.

The Medivet Ambulances


Our ambulances can accommodate any size of domestic pet (including the largest of dogs) and we will do our best to assist or advise you in arranging transport for your pet.

At Medivet, we take our environmental impact very seriously, so we’ve ensured that our new ambulances are the cleanest and most economical commercial vehicle possible. This enables us to keep our carbon emissions as low as possible.