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Cat Friendly Clinic Status

Visiting the vet can be a daunting prospect for any cat. If your beloved kitty is prone to anxiety or stress upon setting paws into a veterinary practice, we have some great news for you!

We are pleased to announce that several of our practices have been awarded Cat Friendly Clinic status by the International Society of Feline Medicine – making them a safe, secure and reassuring environment for your cat.

Cat Friendly Clinic

What Makes a Cat Friendly Clinic?

Several things set apart a Cat Friendly Clinic (CFC) from the rest. Below is an outline of what you can expect from your local Medivet Cat Friendly Clinic:

Investment in our staff

  • All vets and nurses undertake extra study specifically relating to feline medicine every year
  • All staff have in-practice access to the latest feline medical books and journals

Gentle care and handling

  • As with every Medivet clinic, staff will handle your cat gently and in a way that minimises stress and anxiety at all times. They will never use excessive force to restrain your cat during examinations
  • Staff will advise you on how to make journeys to and from us as stress-free as possible
  • Noise levels, odours and bright lights will be monitored so there is minimal impact on your cat

Transparency and communication

  • At least one staff member at the clinic will be an appointed ‘cat advocate’ – they can answer any cat-related queries and will ensure that all CFC standards are being adhered to
  • As with every Medivet clinic, treatment options and likely costs will all be discussed with you up front. You will be provided with written estimates and itemised bills upon request
  • Clinics will make cat-related leaflets and brochures available to you

Suitable waiting areas and clean consulting rooms

  • All efforts will be made to minimise any interaction with dogs in waiting areas (where possible, a separate cat-only waiting area will be made available)
  • Consulting rooms will be clean, hygienic and fully equipped
  • As with every Medivet clinic, consultations will last an absolute minimum of 15 minutes

Comprehensive facilities

  • As with every Medivet clinic, CFCs are equipped with essential facilities to diagnose the most common feline ailments, including equipment which enables blood glucose measurement and urine chemistry analysis

Hospitalisation and surgical measures in place

  •  If your CFC does not have hospital facilities, an operating theatre or specialised surgical equipment, arrangements with one of our 24-hour clinics that does have these facilities will have been established, so your cat will receive the most thorough care possible at all times.

So rest assured, there has never been a better time to bring your cat in to see us! We look forward to giving them a stress-free, reassuring experience, and changing their opinion of a visit to the vet for good!

You can find more information relating to cat care advice here: www.icatcare.org