Receptionist known as Client Care Assistants at Medivet



Our consultations are 50% longer than most vets in the UK!

When you come and see us, we want to make sure that we do everything possible to adequately deal with your concerns and provide the best quality care for your pet.

Medivet strives to deliver consultations that are aimed at:

  • Providing a thorough physical examination of your pet
  • Having a full and detailed discussion with you regarding…
    • Our clinical findings
    • The suggested treatment plan
    • The costs of treatments, as well as
    • Benefits and/or risks involved

We allow extra time in the consultation in order to carry out the examination, as well as to provide sufficient explanation so that you can confidently give us your informed consent to proceed. At Medivet, we understand that you need to have trust and confidence in us to allow your pet to undergo investigations and/or surgical procedures – especially when they have been admitted into hospital, are due for anaesthesia or where the costs are likely to be substantial.

Therefore, our appointment system should be only used as a guide as to when you are likely to be seen. Sometimes delays may occur because individual appointments require additional time. Should you be delayed in this way, please understand that we would also take all the time necessary to assist you.

Every branch of Medivet is fitted with at least one consulting room equipped with all the necessary equipment to carry out an initial basic physical examination. We may suggest further detailed investigative procedures if we are unable to arrive at a diagnosis after this initial examination. Any pet requiring a more detailed examination may need to be admitted for this – especially where sedation or anaesthesia is required.

We aim to provide you with whatever information you require and welcome as many questions as you feel are necessary to fully understand your pet’s needs. For us, it is essential that you feel comfortable and confident in accepting our suggestions and we will endeavour to reassure you that any work undertaken is necessary and in the best interests of your pet.

Referrals and second opinions

We pride ourselves on being able to provide the best care and expertise in-house in the majority of cases. Our patient charter places the pet's welfare as the first priority so, in some situations, we may consider it best for your pet's case that we refer them to an external veterinary surgeon.

In such instances we will seek your approval for this course of action and arrange transfer of your pet and their clinical records to the external vet.

We are also available to provide second opinions on cases where necessary.

Home visits

Medivet does not routinely recommend home visits. This is because the vet cannot transport the entire contents of the practice to your home which is not usually equipped with an examination table or suitable lighting. Also, pets often behave less cooperatively when being examined in their home environment.

This greatly reduces the range of techniques available during a home visit because the vet is principally limited to the facilities in your home and what can be brought in the visit bag.

While home visits tend to be more expensive, some clients find it more convenient for minor treatments to be carried out at home, e.g. vaccinations and suture removals. Others prefer having their pets put to sleep at home. However, seriously ill pets are usually far better off if they are brought into the practice where comprehensive care can be more readily administered.

Whatever the circumstances, home visits are generally a poor substitute for a practice visit and end up being more expensive (because they require the use of a vehicle and much more of the vet’s time). It is also important to realise that vets are often delayed in arriving at your home due to the fact that commitments to patients in the practice may make it difficult to leave immediately.

Therefore, we strongly advise that you consider arranging transport for your pet to the practice using pet taxis. We may be able to assist by providing an ambulance service.

Please discuss your requirements with us. We will do our best to recommend the best option and, where appropriate, will endeavour to provide a home visit with the minimum of delay.