Medications and

Medications and Prescriptions

Many pets will be prescribed medication after a consultation or stay in hospital, or for a chronic health problem, and many of these medications will be prescription-only medicines (POMs).

We keep a stock of the medications which are likely to be prescribed which makes it easy and convenient to provide your pets with the medication they require without any delay. Medivet regularly check our stock to ensure that all products are within their expiry dates. Although it is usually cost-effective to purchase with us, you may request a written prescription and purchase the medications elsewhere.

When your pet does require a POM, by law it can only be provided if it has been prescribed correctly by a qualified registered veterinary surgeon.

In order to prescribe a medication, the pet must have been seen by the vet concerned as often as is required for the vet to feel they have a good understanding of their current state of health. This means that the vet has to decide how often a particular patient must be seen in order to be able to prescribe a certain medication and this will vary according to the type of medication and the individual circumstances of each pet.

We occasionally receive requests from clients who, having been dispensed a prescribed medication for their pet, ask their vet to simply fill the same prescription without seeing their pet again. This is usually not possible because by law the vet must be sure that the drug he/she is prescribing is prescribed correctly, and this usually requires another examination of the pet. There are some medications not covered by the legislation which can be sold over the counter without the pet being examined by a vet.

There may be occasions where a vet issues a repeat prescription – usually for a chronic condition that is likely to be ongoing. In these cases, medication needs to be administered regularly or continuously. The vet will advise you how often your pet needs to be seen, but may also allow medications to be dispensed between visits by issuing a repeat prescription. This allows the medication to be dispensed as and when required without a re-examination of the pet being necessary.

I need a repeat prescription for my pet. What should I do?

When you need a repeat prescription dispensed, it is very helpful if you can contact your branch at least 24 hours before you intend to collect the medication. This will allow us to ensure we have sufficient stock, check that all the legal requirements have been fulfilled and dispense the medication in advance. This will help avoid any delays or inconvenience to you when you arrive to collect the medication.