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Selling your practice to Medivet...

We understand your concerns when looking to sell your practice. Because Medivet is comprised entirely of Veterinary Surgeons, the partnership can easily relate to you and offer complete assistance and reassurance. We have over 30 years’ of experience in buying veterinary practices.

Selling your practice can be stressful and frustrating. Medivet has an outstanding record of never withdrawing from a purchase once we have made a firm commitment to buy.

We don’t quibble over minor issues and will only discuss matters that are significant and material. Our partners make up their minds whether to purchase or not in the shortest possible time and negotiate in good faith. Our intention is to reach an agreement as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The partnership have a reputation for paying a generous price for practices based on the recommendations of the valuer, and have excellent and readily substantial finance facilities from a variety of major lenders, providing the finance for purchase readily.

Alternatively, have you considered a partial sale? Would you like to continue to practice as a vet, hand over administrative responsibility to Medivet, and release some of the equity you have built up in your practice over the years, while benefiting from our group structure and economies of scale? 

We are dedicated to the highest standards of service, professional care and ethical conduct. We will deliver these standards to your clients and their pets. We also welcome your staff to our family and build relationships after purchase to keep as many staff as possible involved in the practice. Medivet understands the difficulty some staff may have with the change of employer and have a dedicated and skilled acquisitions team to support a smooth transition.

We also have extensive experience in employing owners after the sale of the practice, if they wish to continue working, with many staying as partners at the practice.

So start the journey to your future with Medivet, the best is yet to come…

...with confidence and peace of mind

For a confidential enquiry please email: enquiries@medivet.co.uk