Buddy Programme at Medivet

Buddy Programme

Our Buddy System, there to support you...

We like to ensure that your development with us is focused, individualised and effective. People are more motivated and learn best when they can see that their development plan is relevant to their job role. Our coaching is focused on improving on-the-job performance in technical areas, as well as soft skills such as communication, managing people or dealing with difficult clients.

Irrespective of whether you are newly qualified or experienced, when you join Medivet you will get your own personal Buddy to support you. The Buddy is a resource to help solve problems and give you objective and relevant feedback. Clinical and non-clinical goals can be set by you, and your progress will be monitored by you and your Buddy to ensure continuous improvement.

The role of the Buddy is to give support to our new team members in a friendly and relaxed but structured way. In order to achieve this there will be regular meetings with your Buddy to ensure you are well looked after. Your Buddy is your go-to person should you have any questions or concerns. This system is designed to encourage enthusiasm for the job which overall leads to a happier team.

Your Buddy will help you to identify the core reasons for your success or challenges to overcome. During your discussions, clinical questions might also be raised. Our less experienced staff can be overwhelmed when it comes to making clinical decisions and appreciate having a Buddy to ask in these situations.

Newly qualified vets also get their Buddy’s support in completing their PDP.

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