Posted in April 2015

Why Neuter Your Pet?

Posted 28 Apr 2015

Rescue and rehoming centres are already full to bursting with pets who can’t find homes, and there are thousands of pets put to sleep each year because they have no home and no hope of getting one. At Medivet we recommend neutering as a key element of preventative healthcare and believe that it is one of the best things you can do for your pet. The benefits of neutering: There are numerous... Read more

The Basics of Good Pet Nutrition

Posted 22 Apr 2015

One of the key elements of good pet care is good nutrition – that’s why we tend to be choosy about what we recommend for your pets. Good nutrition is the foundation of ensuring your pet develops and lives healthily. Helping to understand what you should feed your pet is easier if you understand the basic biology of the species and why they eat, what they eat. Dogs: Dogs are primarily carni... Read more

How Pet Insurance Gives You Peace of Mind

Posted 06 Apr 2015

Our pets are living longer. The veterinary industry is making technological leaps forward in how we can help their health. This is great news…but what does this all mean about the costs of caring for your pet?That’s where pet insurance comes in. This precaution could save you thousands of pounds and ensure that your pet gets the treatment they need.  So…what’s the point? Having pet insuranc... Read more