Posted in January 2014

Responsible Pet Buying

Posted 17 Jan 2014

Where did your pet come from? If they’re a rescue animal or an older pet, then they may have a mystery past. If you’re getting a puppy or a kitten, then you may expect to know everything about your new pet– but what if you’re buying an animal from the internet? Just as we may have found that an item bought online is rather different to what we expected, so purchasing an animal can bring unexp... Read more

Choosing the Purrfect Pet

Posted 03 Jan 2014

If you’re planning on getting a new pet then there’s a whole host of things to think about first – what animal? An adult or a young one? Where from? Choosing a new pet is about finding the perfect pet who can fit in with your lifestyle, without having to compromise on their happiness and health. Think carefully about your environment and your daily timetable. If there’s nobody at home duri... Read more